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Being in business can be stressful and challenging. 87% fail within 3 years.

Research, planning and quality business mentoring is a proven solution to avoid business failure.

At Contact First Business Solutions, we provide quality business mentoring and advisory services that focus on transferring skills and developing management know how.

Contact First Business Solutions operates with a dynamic ‘Can Do’ attitude to provide solutions for small and medium business. Our services are tailored specifically to suit your needs. Working together, we create strategies to deliver consistency and efficiency.

Contact First Business Solutions creates a winning pathway to build growth and sustainability. Our expertise is grounded with first hand ‘real time’ experience and professional qualifications over a wide range of industry sectors.

Contact First Business Solutions supports Indigenous Business and promotes the values of inclusion, collaboration and diversity.

Our business model is built on delivering exceptional customer service. We are proud of our client testimonials which consistently reflect this.

Contact First Business Solutions are guaranteed to enrich your business life.


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Melanie Lavelle-Maloney was very helpful in advising the things I needed to ensure were done to start the business running. She suggested ways to market myself which has already proved successful. She also suggested I attend some workshops, which is a great idea only I am finding it difficult to work around with my 3yr old and my husbands job, and when the business picks up, I may find it difficult to attend them altogether, but I will make every effort to attend at least a few. She has also made a follow up visit to check on my progress and reminded me of a few things that still need attention. Melanie has been so helpful with all the information and ideas she has provided for me and would definitely recommend this program for anyone thinking of starting up a business as there were lots of things I wasn’t aware of but now know.

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